Top 9 Simple Ways to Get Pink Lips Naturally

Lips are one part of the human’s body that acts as a charming effect for most women and men. Creating an attractive smile provide an enjoyable experience for your listener. However, if bright lips do not accompany the smile, it may lead to a variety of reasons that reduce your confidence.

Not everyone blessed with a beautiful and pink lips, and some even have the dark and chapped lips. Therefore, the treatment on how to get pink lips naturally is a way to restore the health of your lips.

Basic Ways to Clean Up Lips

To get natural pink lips is a necessity to clean the dirt and keep the moisture of lips. There are three ways to clean the lips quickly and naturally, including.

  1. Lips Scrub

  2. Impurities and dead skin cells make your lips look dark. Thus, lips scrub help to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt on the lips, as well encouraging the pinkish look on lips.

  3. Lips Moisturizer

  4. Using moisturizer on the lips keep them moist and prevent it from becoming dark and chapped lips. Moisturizer makes your lips pink and tenders as well.

  5. Lips Massage

  6. Blood circulation to the lips may increase, whenever you apply a light massage on lips. As the result of additional blood circulation is the creation of illusion and generate more reddish lips.

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally

All therapeutic techniques to make lips pink is to remove the dead skin cells and improve blood circulation to the lips. You can use natural ways to achieve that goal, with the help of natural ingredients or home remedies. Here are some natural ingredients that is intended for it.

Lemon Juice for Pink Lips

The deficiency of vitamin C will make your skin look tired and dull including your lips. If you meet this condition, use lemon to improve your lips.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and works by cleaning the dirt on the lips and acts as a natural whitening as it contains citric acid that makes your lips look pink and reddish.


  1. Create several pieces of thin slices of lemon.
  2. Take a piece of slices and sprinkle a little sugar on top of it.
  3. Scrub the lemon slice on your lips and do it gently. Perform the massage for one or two minutes.

You can also use the following simple lip scrub to brighten and refresh your skin.


  1. Make a mixture of one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Stir the mixture evenly and apply on your lips, while massaging gently for a minute or two.
  3. Your lips may look brighter and pink, the dull and dirt soon disappear.

Pomegranate Seeds for Pink Lips

You must already know about pomegranates, even eat the fruit. Unlike the other fruits, pomegranate has hundreds of edible seeds, known as arils. They are rich in fibers, minerals, vitamins, and bioactive compounds of plants and less exceptional are they also contain sugar.

Due to abundant nutrition content of pomegranate seeds, make it as natural ingredients to make your lips look pink.

Ingredients you need: (i) Pomegranate seeds – sufficiently. (ii) Milk cream – a small amount.


  1. Take the pomegranate seeds by the peeling method.
  2. Mashed the pomegranate seeds, until they turn to smooth paste.
  3. Add a small amount of milk cream into the paste and stir evenly.
  4. Apply this mixture to your lips and gently massage on it. Do it on a regular basis to get your lips pinkish.

Cucumber Juice for Pink Lips

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidant content and silica which help to rejuvenate and make the skin smooth and soft. If the cucumber applied to the lips, it miraculously helps to reduce the darkness on your lips.

Ingredients you need: (i) Cucumber – a few slices of cucumbers.


  1. Slice cucumber into several thin pieces. Gently rub your lips with a slice of cucumber to allow the juice attached to the lips.
  2. Perform this rubbing for five minutes on a regular basis to let your dark lips turned into bright pink.

Rose Petals for Pink Lips

Roses are one of many types of flowers used mostly for their aesthetic benefits and fragrant flowers. Meanwhile, did you know that rose can also be utilized for healthy skin?

Rose is rich in vitamin C, pectin, malic and citric acid, and it is excellent to assist throughout the process in some internal or external body. Along with all of the great contents, rose petals are an excellent natural home remedy for pink lips.

Ingredients you need: (i) Rose petals – sufficiently. (ii) Milk – a small bowl. (iii) Honey or glycerin – sufficiently.


  1. Soak several rose petals into a small bowl of milk, and wait for a few minutes.
  2. Add a few drops of honey and glycerin. Apply the paste immediately to your lips while gently massage the lips for several minutes.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes, then rub lips along with milk, to make your lips more bloomed.

Berry Mixture for Pink Lips

Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and other berries, known to be rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, berries provide significant benefits to resolve the problems associated with dark lips.

Ingredients you need: (i) Berries – preferably raspberry. (ii) Aloe vera juice – a small amount. (iii) Honey – a small amount.


  1. Prepare the berries, and you can take raspberry as the main ingredient. Mashed the raspberries to form a smooth paste.
  2. Add a little aloe vera juice and honey. Mix the three ingredients evenly.
  3. Spread evenly on the lips and leave for five minutes. Rinse off lips afterward and apply natural lip balm on your lips.

Turmeric Powder for Pink Lips

Turmeric powder has widely used for coloring and flavoring food, but since turmeric powder is rich in iron, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and magnesium, making it an ingredient for cosmetic or medical purposes.

With the help of milk cream, you can get a magical natural treatment that turns dark lips into brightening pink lips.

Ingredients you need: (i) Turmeric powder – one teaspoon. (ii) Milk cream – sufficiently. (iii) Cream – sufficiently.


  1. Prepare a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Add milk cream to taste to form a paste.
  2. Apply evenly to your lips and let stand for five minutes.
  3. Do not forget to apply a lip moisturizer after removing the paste from your lips.

Remove Makeup for Pink Lips

If you feel you do not always have the time to take off your makeup, you should start to change this habit right now. It is the reason why you have the tedious lips. Simply, do not forget to remove makeup before going to bed.


  1. Clean up your makeup, as usual, preferably use a water-based cleanser for your skin.
  2. Put a few drops of olive oil or almond oil into a cotton ball.
  3. Apply evenly on your lips so that it can moisten and make your lips brighter.

Beetroot Juice for Pink Lips

Beetroot is rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants, making it effective to create the effect of pink and bright lips. It becomes your favorite treatment if regularly used, especially before going to bed and in the morning you will get beautiful lips, pink and can last throughout the day.


  1. Prepare a few beetroots.
  2. Mashed beetroot to forms the juice, and soak a piece of cotton into the juice.
  3. Apply thinly and evenly on your lips and leave for all day.

Carrot Juice for Pink Lips

Carrot juice to get pink lips works the same way as the beetroot juice. The high content of vitamin A in carrots provide tremendous effect to brighten up your lips.


  1. Make a glass of carrot juice, you can drink the juice while caring for your lips.
  2. Simply soak a cotton ball in the juice.
  3. Apply the cotton ball on your lips.

Additional Tips to Get Pink Lips Naturally

Consider the following useful tips to get pink lips naturally,

  • Avoid Smoking

  • Besides it is harmful to your health, smoking makes your lips look dark.

  • Reduce Caffeinated Drinks

  • Reduce the consumption of tea and coffee is imperative, although both of these drinks are taste good, the excessive drinking will make the dark lips due to its caffeine content.

  • Protect Your Lips

  • If you are spending more time outdoors, use a lip balm that contains an SPF of at least 15 to avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

  • Consume Healthy Foods

  • Eat nutritious foods that are good for the skin, including fruits and vegetables.

  • Avoid Licking the Lips

  • No licking lips, as it can make lips to dry and chapped.

  • Increase Fluid Intake

  • Keeping skin soft and hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water each day.

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Now you can choose the favorite way to get pink lips naturally. It only takes patience and persistence to apply natural treatment on your lips and restore your dark lips become lighter and pink.

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