Top 10 Home Remedies for Gas Relief and Indigestion Problems

Gas problems can be embarrassing. Although this is a normal condition, passing gas in public is a horrible possibility for some people. Thus, you still have to anticipate in order not to be embarrassed when passing gas.

Passing gas or flatus is a condition that people always experience from time to time, even babies can issue a flatus in every situation. When there is a mixing between carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, methane, and nitrogen, they can form the intestinal gas.

The large intestinal tract produces this gas as the final part of the digestive system. Nevertheless, there is always the intestinal gas throughout the body’s digestive tract, from the stomach to the rectum. Aside from flatus, the final results of gas in the digestive system are belching, burping and flatulence, and usually, they are the symptoms that there is an excessive gas formation in the intestinal tract.

Intestinal gas is not a disease, but it could be an indication of some other health problems. Food can suppress stomach and esophagus when it remains in the stomach for a prolonged period. It resulted in decreasing of acid production, and because the food requires acid for digestion process, the intestinal gas is produced as a result of insufficient acid for digestion.

Things to Know about Stomach Gas

Stomach gas can be divided into two types: the upper gastrointestinal gas and lower gastrointestinal gas. The upper part occurs when we swallow air while eating or drinking. Gas is passed through the esophagus and mouth in the form of belching.

This condition can be lessened by changing the habit of swallowing and chewing. While the lower gas arises due to the process of fermentation of the foods which is the final part of the digestive process and passed through the anus in the form of a fart.

According to experts, especially those from the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, humans have four natural ways to remove the gas from the digestive tract.

  • Passed through the anus or fart.
  • Passed through the mouth or belching.
  • Absorbed by the blood.
  • Consumed by intestinal bacteria.

In excessive amounts, the gas can be trapped in the digestive tract that leads to a variety of unpleasant things. Thus, it is your duty to release the gas buildup and restore the digestive system back to normal.

Home Remedies for Gas Relief and Indigestion Problems

Now we already know a lot about stomach gas, the question is, how to get rid of trapped gas? The answer that pops up for the first time is by applying the natural ways to solve the gastric problem, instead of medical approach such as seeking antibiotics for gas relief.

Since we believe that this problem can be solved easily, by applying some natural home remedies that you can get in your home kitchen. Here are some of them.

Ginger for Gas Relief

Ginger is a natural remedy that is very effective in treating a variety of complaints from indigestion. It is also appropriate when applied to help get rid of stomach gas buildup.

Ingredients you need: (i) Ginger – sufficiently. (ii) Fennel – sufficiently. (iii) Cardamom – sufficiently. (iv) Asafetida (hing) – sufficiently.


  1. For reducing the formation of gas, simply take a piece of fresh ginger and chew after a meal and do it regularly. You can also mix a small amount of dried ginger into your food to get the same effect.
  2. For another potion, mix the ginger, cardamom, and fennel in the same amount. Pour a teaspoon of the mixture ingredients into a cup of warm water, wait a few minutes and then add a pinch of asafetida. Drink once or twice a day.
  3. For ease of use, you can also consume a little bit of ginger juice mixed with a pinch of asafetida.
  4. You can also make ginger tea, which is made of one teaspoon of fresh ginger brewed in a cup of hot water. Drink once or twice a day to help control the formation of gas in the stomach.
  5. For external use, you may take a few drops of essential ginger oil plus any types of carrier oils then rub and massage your stomach using a mixture of these oils.
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Asafetida (Hing) for Gas Relief

Asafetida also known as Hing, is an effective remedy for getting rid of stomach gas problems because it has anti-flatulent and anti-spasmodic, making it an excellent choice when it comes to gas buildup and any kinds of indigestion such as stomach ache, bloating and constipation.

Ingredients you need: (i) Asafetida – sufficiently. (ii) Ripe banana – sufficiently.


  1. Prepare a glass of warm water and place a pinch of asafetida into the water. Stir the mixture properly and drink at least two or three times a day to get relief from the gas issue.
  2. For external use, make a paste of asafetida in a generous amount and mixed with a little water. Apply the paste on your stomach and allow to stay for a few minutes to let the paste dries up. Remove the paste and the gas will soon disappear.
  3. You can also consume asafetida directly with the help of a ripe banana, simply mix a pinch of asafetida into the banana and eat regularly.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Gas Relief

Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy that is very helpful in overcoming various health complaints. It helps to provide the stomach with necessary acid for the proper digestion process, thus it provides instant relief from the stomach gas; treat indigestion as well soothes the stomach.

Ingredients you need: (i) Apple cider vinegar – two teaspoons. (ii) Warm water – one glass. (iii) Honey – optional.


  1. Mix the apple cider vinegar in warm water and stir evenly. Let the water cool down to the temperature of the room.
  2. You may add one teaspoon of honey and drink the solution immediately to get instant relief from your stomach gas problems.

Note » You may use vinegar in case you don’t have much time in finding the apple cider vinegar.

Cinnamon for Gas Relief

Cinnamon is a kitchen spice to make the food tasty, but more than that, it is also useful for medicinal purposes, including getting rid of stomach gas. Cinnamon helps soothe the stomach, giving instant relief and prevent the formation of gas in the stomach.

Ingredients you need: (i) Cinnamon powder – sufficiently. (ii) Honey – sufficiently. (iii) Milk – sufficiently.


  1. Prepare a cup of warm milk and add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Mix evenly and add a teaspoon of honey and drink regularly.
  2. You can also add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of hot water. Allow for steep a few minutes and then drink the tea.

Baking Soda and Lemon

Baking soda is a conventional home remedy yet provides instant relief effectively against stomach gas. Soda has properties in neutralizing the excess hydrochloric acid in the stomach forming salt and water. When it combined with fresh lemon juice, this solution can work as an effective antacid to combat the extra acid.

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Ingredients you need: (i) Lemon juice – one. (ii) Baking soda – sufficiently.


  1. Mix a pinch of baking soda into a glass of juice from one fresh lemon. You will see the fizz in the glass.
  2. Add a cup of water and some more baking soda into the glass and stir evenly until the baking soda is completely dissolved. Drink the solution slowly and get relief from the stomach gas.
  3. You can also mix a pinch of baking soda and a glass of water, stir the mixture well and drink it slowly for instant relief.

Cardamom for Gas Relief

Cardamom is a kitchen spice that has a myriad of efficacy, either for foods or medicines. It is rich in volatile oils in which very useful to treat a number of digestive problems, soothing the stomach, speed up digestion and relieve stomach gas.

Ingredients you need: (i) Cardamom – sufficiently. (ii) Hot water – one cup. (iii) Ginger – sufficiently. (iv) Fennel – sufficiently.


  1. For easy usage, mix the roasted cardamom powder into the rice, vegetables or lentils while cooking. It will help prevent the formation of gas.
  2. Chew the whole cardamom pods directly is also a big relief for the gas problem, do it two or three times a day for best results.
  3. Cardamom tea is another way to treat indigestion. Just steep few cardamom pods, a small piece of fresh ginger and a teaspoon of fennel.
  4. Place into a glass of hot water for a few minutes and drink while it still warms for a couple of times a day.

Garlic for Gas Relief

Garlic has a phenomenal odor that causes some people avoiding to consume. However, this ingredient has the ability to encourage the stomach works more efficiently, as it contains the pungent heating quality that stimulates the gastric fire and offers relief from stomach gas.

Ingredients you need: (i) Garlic – a few gloves. (ii) Black pepper and cumin seeds – sufficiently.


  1. Take a few cloves of fresh garlic and boil in the water, add a pinch of black pepper and cumin seeds.
  2. Mix evenly and strain the solution, allow it to reach room temperature. Drink several times a day for several days.

Peppermint for Gas Relief

Peppermint helps in the treatment of stomach gas; it can be used in a variety of easy ways that you can use at any time.

Ingredients you need: (i) Peppermint – any forms (sufficiently). (ii) Honey – sufficiently.


  1. You can chew some peppermint leaves directly to relieve the stomach gas.
  2. You can also add a few drops of peppermint oil into a cup of water. Drink this for two or three times a day.
  3. For a better choice. Make the tea from some peppermint leaves, put in a cup of boiling water. Allow it to steep for a few minutes and strained. Add honey and drink the tea regularly.

Caraway Seeds for Gas Relief

Caraway seeds are excellent when it comes to various health complaints; it helps to cure stomach gas, indigestion, and cramps. Consuming caraway seeds on a regular basis may provide an opportunity for gastrointestinal to work efficiently.

Ingredients you need: (i) Caraway seeds – sufficiently. (ii) Rock salt – sufficiently. (iii) Honey – sufficiently.

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  1. Grab a cup of boiling water, and put a teaspoon of caraway seeds. Allow to steep for a few minutes and strain. Add a little honey and drink the tea three or four times before meals.
  2. Another convenient option, chew some caraway seeds and add a pinch of rock salt. It helps reduce the stomach gas.

Fennel for Gas Relief

Spicy and fatty foods can promote the formation of gas and indigestion. Having fennel can help cure various stomach complaints, as fennel contains natural oils that relieve flatulence and reduce nausea.

Ingredients you need: (i) Fennel – seeds and leaves (sufficiently). (ii) Cardamom – sufficiently. (iii) Mint leaves – sufficiently.


  1. Simmer a pot of hot water at low temperature, put some fennel seeds and leave for five minutes. Strain the tea and drink while it still warm.
  2. You can also make a potion made from the leaves of mint, fennel, and cardamom.
  3. Place them into a glass of hot water and steep a few minutes. Strain and drink the potion to reduce the stomach gas as well.
  4. Chew some fresh fennel leaves is also great relief from gas if you can bear the taste.

Changes to Observed for Prevention Measures

Little turnover of daily lifestyle is necessary to get the best results in conjunction with home remedies; it is also useful for preventive measures to avoid further gastric problems. The following is the list that you should follow to prevent from the gas.

  1. Perform regular exercise and wear loose clothes to avoid stomach gas.
  2. Chew your foods properly, you should take a little time and don’t be in a hurry, as it helps digest food quickly.
  3. Reduce the intake of soda, as this type of drinks can increase the potential for stomach gas formation.
  4. Reduce the intake of poultry and dairy products such as eggs, milk, etc.
  5. The straw causes you for swallowing more air, thereby avoid the straw while having a drink.
  6. Most of us go to sleep after a big meal, and this is not good for digestion, thereby go for a walk instead.
  7. Stress and depression are major causes of health problems, including stomach gas, so stay calm, carry out relaxation, yoga or meditation.
  8. Reduce the intake of spicy foods and increase the intake of fluids.
  9. Healthy food is essential for the body, thereby take an adequate intake of healthy and light foods to avoid indigestion and gas formation.

Those nine elements of prevention above will help you to prevent yourself from indigestion and abdominal gas, if you run correctly, the digestive problems are not something that embarrassing anymore.


Natural home remedies for gas is a huge relief when it comes to stomach gas issues. You can lessen some of the problems such as belching, bloating or excess gas that you might have by applying the easy steps above. However, some treatments are not running well as we expected occasionally. If the symptoms of stomach gas appear regularly, it means that you have difficulty to get rid of your gas.

The best possibility is to see your doctor. Whether it is the symptom of serious problems of other vital organs in your body or the severe problems around the stomach and intestines, everything will be answered by further observation from the doctors.

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