Natural Home Remedies for Bad Breath That Work Fast

You need to be concerned if you have bad breath, the problem does not only lie on yourself, but the people around you, are the most get impacted when a foul odor emanating from your mouth while speaking. Surely it makes them uncomfortable and embarrassing yourself as well.

The possibility of getting bad breath is likely once a person has poor dental hygiene and other health habits. Bad breath is commonly known as Halitosis medically, and the causes of halitosis mostly come from the unhealthy lifestyle and the type of foods that you consume.

Foods with strong odors such as garlic and onion become several potential of bad breath causes, while following other things such as dry mouth, smoking, certain medical conditions, sinus infections and gum disease may also contribute to bad breath.

However the buildup of bacteria on the back of the tongue or between the teeth is known as the primary cause of bad breath. In specific cases such as sinusitis, allergy and rhinitis attack, anaerobic bacteria will trigger the production of excess mucus that accumulates in the throat or back of the nose; this condition can lead to post nasal drip bad breath.

Therefore it is imperative to maintain oral health to avoid the foul odor, in which it includes tooth brushing, tongue scraping, and dental flossing.

It is important to keep the intake of water throughout the day as well, because drinking water can provide substantial benefits to keep the breath stays fresh. Drinking water also helps to cleanse the mouth from trapped food particles between the teeth and detracts from the problem of bad breath.

How to Cure Bad Breath with Natural Remedies

Chewing mint is a simple solution to cover bad breath for some people; unfortunately, it is unable to reach the main cause of the bad breath.

Therefore you need some home remedies for bad breath that is easily available in your kitchen cabinet. They are ready as simple bad breath remedies you can reach. Here are some of them that you can follow to overcome the bad breath problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (APV) contains antiseptic and acidic properties, which proven to be effective in killing the bacteria that cause bad breath and break down plaque formation.

It also provides the ability to maintain the pH balance of the body that makes the ACV as a wonderful medication for bad breath. ACV help a lot for digestion process and cure the bad breath at the same time.

Ingredients you need: (i) Apple cider vinegar – sufficiently. (ii) Water – sufficiently.


  1. Pour one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, stir well afterwards.
  2. You may drink the solution before your daily foods consumption, and repeat the process on a regular basis.
  3. You can also gargle with a solution of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water to increase medicinal properties.

Fenugreek for Bad Breath

You may come up with fenugreek seeds when it comes to bad breath resulting from catarrhal infections, other than that fenugreek helps increase the production of saliva in your mouth which prevents it from dry mouth, because this condition has the potential to emits a foul odor from the mouth.

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Ingredients you need: (i) Fenugreek seeds – sufficiently. (ii) Hot water – one cup.


  1. Take a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of boiling water.
  2. Leave it to steep for about 15-20 minutes.
  3. Drink the fenugreek tea for once a day until the problem of bad breath goes away, but do not forget to strain it first.

Lemon Juice

Rinsing your mouth with lemon juice is a delicious way to get rid of bad breath, especially for fans of this type of fruit.

Acidic and citrus properties present in the lemon helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the tongue and teeth that become the reason of a foul odor emanating from the mouth.

Ingredients you need: (i) Lemon juice – sufficiently. (ii) Salt – a small amount. (iii) water – one cup.


  1. You may start by taking one teaspoon of lemon juice, and pour it into a cup of warm water.
  2. Add a pinch of salt and stir the solution evenly, use this solution to rinse for a few seconds.
  3. Repeat every day and preferably before bedtime to reduce your bad breath.

Baking Soda

Baking soda or Bicarbonate of soda is an effective solution to get rid the bad breath. It also helps prevent the onset of bad breath, before it makes you embarrassed.

Baking soda has the ability to maintain the pH balance in the mouth, which in turn inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It also reduces the strain on teeth and creates a fresh breath in one application.

Ingredients you need: (i) Baking soda – sufficiently. (ii) Warm water – one glass. (iii) Toothbrush – clean one.


  1. Pour ½ teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of warm water, stir evenly and use the solution as one of the best mouthwash for bad breath. Use this medication once a day to get fresh breath.
  2. Brush your teeth as you normally would and rinse with water. Dip a damp toothbrush into baking soda and brush your teeth afterwards.
  3. Alternatively, you can also brush your teeth with toothpaste containing baking soda and regularly use to get rid of the bad breath.

Tea Tree Oil

Harnessing the power of tea tree oil for oral health can provide a significant effect in treating bad breath. The reason is that this oil has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that are useful to combat bacteria and fungi in between the tongue and teeth.

Ingredients you need: (i) Tea tree oil – sufficiently. (ii) Lemon oil – sufficiently. (iii) Peppermint oil – sufficiently.


  1. The easiest way is to brush your teeth with toothpaste containing tea tree oil.
  2. Placing a few drops of tea tree oil on a regular toothpaste also helps cure bad breath.
  3. Alternatively pour a few drops of tea tree oil, lemon oil and peppermint oil along with a glass of warm water. Use the solution to rinse the mouth regularly.

Cinnamon for Bad Breath

Cinnamon is an excellent healing agent when it comes to the foul smell emanating from the mouth. It is rich in Cinnamic Aldehyde which has the ability to cover the bad breath, other than that cinnamon also helps reduce the number of bacteria in the saliva which is also the reason for bad breath.

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Ingredients you need: (i) Cinnamon powder – sufficiently. (ii) Water – one cup. (iii) Bay leaves – sufficiently. (iv) Cardamom – sufficiently.


  1. Pour one teaspoon of cinnamon powder into a glass of boiling water, stir well afterwards.
  2. Add a few bay leaves and cardamom if necessary.
  3. Strain the solution and use it as a mouthwash twice a day regularly to get rid of bad breath.

Fennel for Bad Breath

Chewing fennel can give a freshness to your mouth, it is also effective in controlling bad breath. Because it contains anti-microbial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. In addition, fennel also treats digestive problems that sometimes potentially cause the bad breath.

Ingredients you need: (i) Fennel – sufficiently. (ii) Water – one cup. (iii) Honey of milk – sufficiently.


  1. Take one tablespoon of fennel and chewed slowly, it will help a lot in the freshness of breath and increases the production of saliva.
  2. In order to get a better result, add cardamom and cloves if necessary. Repeat every day on a regular basis.
  3. You can also crush two teaspoons of fennel seeds and put into a cup of hot water.
  4. Leave it to steep for at least 5-10 minutes and strain it afterwards, add honey or milk and drink regularly.

Parsley for Bad Breath

Parsley has the ability to eradicate bacteria, including those accumulated in the back of tongue or teeth. It is rich in chlorophyll which is a great reason for the efficacy of parsley in dealing with bad breath; it also helps increase the production of saliva that prevents it from dry mouth.

Ingredients you need: (i) Parsley – sufficiently. (ii) Vinegar – one cup.


  1. Simply take a sprig of parsley and chewed slowly to obtain fresh breath. You may dip it into a cup of vinegar before they chewed.
  2. Take some parsley leaves and put them into a juicer. Drink its juice regularly to aid digestion and prevent bad breath.
  3. Alternatively, boil some water and add a few cloves of chopped parsley leaves. Let it cool and strain, use the solution to gargle regularly, preferably after each meal.

Cloves for Bad Breath

Many people take cloves for seasoning, but there are also health benefits of cloves to address issues related to oral health. Cloves are loaded with anti-microbial and antiseptic properties that combat bacteria cause of bad breath and helps freshen breath in one package.

Ingredients you need: (i) Cloves – a few pieces. (ii) Water – sufficiently.


  1. Taking a few pieces of cloves and chewing after a meal is an easy way to get rid of bad breath.
  2. Another way would be making tea cloves, simply place a teaspoon of ground cloves into a cup of boiling water.
  3. Allow it to steep for about 20 minutes and strain the solution. Add honey if required and regularly drink twice a day.
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Tea for Bad Breath

Herbal tea either black or green, as well as regular tea, they have the potential to help cover the bad breath. Tea contains antioxidants (polyphenols) that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth; moreover, it is also useful to control plaque and prevent the formation of foul odors.

Ingredients you need: (i) Tea bag – sufficiently. (ii) Alfalfa leaves – two teaspoons. (iii) Sage tea – sufficiently.


  1. Take one tea bag and dip it in a cup of hot water, allow it to the steep for 10 minutes. Drink tea regularly.
  2. You can come up with the steep from one teaspoon of dried sage into a cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink regularly.
  3. You can also make tea from two teaspoons of alfalfa leaves and a cup of boiling water. Leave it to the steep for 15 minutes and drink the tea.

Additional Useful Tips for Reducing Bad Breath

Regardless of the home remedies, there are some additional simple tips on how to fix bad breath completely. You can follow them to get relief from the problem of bad breath.

  • Brush Your Teeth

  • Brushing your teeth is undoubtedly helped a lot to get rid of the accumulation of debris in the mouth. Because of their potentially as a media of bacterial growth. Brush your teeth and tongue regularly twice a day.

  • Put Down Your Dentures Before Sleep

  • You should remove the dentures before going to bed because it can cause bad breath in the morning. Clean dentures regularly after daily use.

  • Stop Smoking

  • Smoking and other tobacco products potentially cause gum disease. It can lead to the inevitable bad breath. Therefore quit smoking is important for those who suffer from bad breath. You may suck sugarless mints instead of smoking.

  • Zinc Contained Supplements

  • Zinc deficiency can lead to halitosis, poor immunity, bad healing, and inflammation. Adding intake of zinc to relieve your mouth of bacteria. You can take some foods contain zinc such as pumpkin, meats, and cocoa.

  • Consume Probiotics

  • Poor intestinal health is one of the originators bad breath because it will be filled with congestion of toxins as a result of Poor diet or excessive antibiotic use.
    Therefore, probiotics can help the digestive process and eliminate congestion of toxins in the gut. Yogurt, Kombucha tea, and fermented sauerkraut are some examples of foods rich in probiotics, grab them to complement your meal.


Simply take one of the home remedies as the bad breath treatment along with accompanying tips for maintaining oral health and controlling the bad odor. It may take some time, but a home remedy proven to be safer than you can imagine.

In case bad breath does not get any improvement, even after applying the home remedies, it may lead to a chronic bad breath, consult with your dentist immediately to find the root cause of bad breath and discover how to cure bad breath with expert’s solution.

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