Simple Home Remedies for Baby Cough

Seeing your baby has a cough can make you breathless, especially if fever and sleeplessness along with your baby. If you are thinking of giving him cough syrup, don’t do that. According to Food and Drug Administration, cough syrups can be harmful to children under four years of age.

There are plenty of things you can do at home for a cough and cold in adults, but unfortunately, they don’t work on babies. Even herbs and honey are not suitable for them.

A baby’s body is still immature to handle the potent ingredients present in them. So, what do you do? Avoid using over the counter medications, because they can cause more severe problems in your baby.

We should try to expose the possibility of using home remedies that some of them may come from your kitchen drawer. Also, if more than a week, your child still has a cough, especially accompanied by high fever and purple, take your child to the doctor immediately.

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Natural Home Remedies for Baby Cough

Well, for those who like to use natural ingredients for baby cough treatment, here are a few home remedies for a cough especially to help babies.

  1. Keep Him Hydrated

  2. Dehydration thickens the mucus and, therefore, makes its expulsion difficult. As a result, the little one’s cough does not seem to stop. However, when the mucus is loose, it runs out of the nose easily, and the cough reduces. Keeping the baby hydrated is a good way to do this.

    However, don’t give him too much water. It can be harmful to his little kidneys. Breast milk is the best way to provide necessary fluid and nutrients. It may fight against germs and bacteria and help in treating the cold symptoms quickly.

  3. Steaming

  4. Steam treatment works very well both for babies and adults. However, there is a difference in how you use it for your little ones. High-temperature steam can harm their delicate skin if it is too close. So, the best way is to put the steamy container in the room and shut the door.

    Allow the steam to fill the chamber. Alternatively, go to the bathroom, run the hot water in the shower and close the door. Keep your baby away from the water. He can inhale the steam, and the cough could stop after some time.

  5. Change Sleeping Position

  6. When the baby is sleeping in a straight position on his back, he may have difficulty in breathing due to the mucus congestion. As a result, cough increases.

    Keeping the head elevated a little can help a lot in easing the breathing and releasing the mucus down the nose. Make sure you clean the nose of the baby with a clean cloth once in a while.

  7. Air Humidity

  8. A humidifier in the baby’s room can be very helpful in easing the cough. Use clean distilled water in the humidifier and change it regularly.

    The moisture helps in facilitating easy breathing and reducing the congestion and the cough. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water also.

  9. Chest Massaging

  10. Massaging the baby’s chest helps in relieving chest congestion. For this purpose, use coconut or mustard oil. Avoid using eucalyptus oil or Vicks for massage, as they may be too strong for the baby. Instead, just put them near the baby’s bed (or in humidifier) so that he can smell them.

  11. Garlic Oil

  12. Garlic has strong antibacterial properties. Use garlic oil to massage the baby’s feet. It helps in easing the cough and give quick relief. It can destroy the infection causing microbes as well. You may not like the smell of the garlic oil, but it is a great remedy.

  13. Carom Seeds

  14. Carom seeds are also excellent for eliminating harmful bacteria and virus. Take some carom seeds along with a few garlic cloves, and roast them in a pan. Now put them in a pouch made of cloth and place it near the baby’s bed where he sleeps.

    The smell of the roasted garlic and carom seeds help relieve congestion and reduce coughing. If your child is older than six months, you can boil the carom seeds in water and give that water to him after cooling it down. It is an effective remedy for treating cough.

  15. Saline Drops

  16. Take one teaspoon of salt and put it in the boiling distilled water. Cool it down and use the solution as nasal drops. Tilt the baby’s head carefully and put a drop or two in the nostril using a dropper.

    Don’t put too many drops at the same time. It is important to use only sanitized dropper and the container for preparing the saline solution. Alternatively, you can buy saline drops from a medical store and use it directly.


The babies have delicate and immature bodies. Therefore, the herbs and the medicines don’t help them and can even prove to be harmful.

However, you can use the home remedies explained in this article for treating your baby’s cough. But again, don’t hesitate to see the pediatrician if the problem persist.

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